Create your own wordpress theme from Scratch – WordPress Development Tutorials

Wordpress Theme Structure

If you are thinking of creating your own wordpress theme, you are at the right place. Creating a wordpress theme for the first time may be little confusing but once you get hold of the way wordpress themes are developed, you will feel lot better. The first and foremost thing that you need to understand […]

Creating your First Android Application / Android Project

Android App

In our previous posts we have learned Setting up your PC for Android development and Configuring AVD in Eclipse. In this post, Let us create your First Android Application by Creating a Project in Eclipse. Creating an Android Application is a very simple process if you have already setup the IDE and SDK. Follow these […]

How to configure Android Virtual Device (AVD)?

Nexus 4 Emulator

In our previous post Setting Up your PC for Developing Android Applications, we have learned how we can set up Eclipse IDE to develop Android applications but there is one last step that we need to do before we can move ahead and start developing Android applications. It is configuring the Android Virtual Device (AVD) […]

Setting Up your PC for Developing Android Applications

Android Robot

Introduction to Android Android, one of the leading operating systems in mobile platform is increasingly being adopted by many mobile phone manufacturers. I have witnessed the revolution it brought in the mobile platform and a simple fact that you using your Android powered mobile without a hint of J2ME & Symbian platforms in the market […]

Beam Fiber Automatic Login Script

Beam Fiber Logo

Beam Fiber also known as Beam Telecom is one of the leading Internet Service Provider in Southern Indian cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. In this post we are going to learn about a Grease Monkey script which will help you to automatically log into the Beam Fiber internet connection. Despite the fact that Beam offers […]

How to use your Personal Computer to Set an Alarm ?

Alarm Clock

At various occasions you might have felt that it would be good if your PC can remind you of things that you need to do. I felt many times that What if my PC can wake me up early in the morning ? What if my PC can download the news and read it for […]

How to Modify or Remove Genesis Footer Credit Links ?

Normal Wordpress theme footer

In general, it is a good practice to remove the back links from your blog provides to any third party website/blog for various reasons and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the important reasons among them. I have received quite a few automated emails recently from third party theme developers to delete the back […]