Create a bootable WinPE ISO/USB using AOMEI PE Builder

Windows 8

In my previous post, I have written about Creating a WinPE image using Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. In this post I am going to use one of the existing softwares called AOMEI PE builder for creating a bootable WinPE image. Since we have learned the process of creating a WinPE image using the microsoft […]

Create a WinPE Bootable ISO image / USB drive

Windows 8

We need a WinPE image as a per-requisite for us to capture the operating system. WinPE is a pre installation environment which allows us to do many things. If you haven’t installed WinPE on your system you can download and install WinPE by downloading “Windows Assessment and Deployment tool kit” (ADK). This software is essential […]

Create your own wordpress theme from Scratch – WordPress Development Tutorials

Wordpress Theme Structure

If you are thinking of creating your own wordpress theme, you are at the right place. Creating a wordpress theme for the first time may be little confusing but once you get hold of the way wordpress themes are developed, you will feel lot better. The first and foremost thing that you need to understand […]

Creating your First Android Application / Android Project

Android App

In our previous posts we have learned Setting up your PC for Android development and Configuring AVD in Eclipse. In this post, Let us create your First Android Application by Creating a Project in Eclipse. Creating an Android Application is a very simple process if you have already setup the IDE and SDK. Follow these […]