How to download facebook and youtube videos ?

There are many ways to download videos from youtube and facebook , here are some of the ways that we can use.


Any video in facebook might be either a video hosted by user in facebook server or either a video embedded in messages or walls which are from different sources like youtube, vimeo. There is no internal extension in the browser that helps us to get this videos so we have to look for third party solutions like extensions , scripts and software programs. As I said there are many ways to download videos so extensions , scripts and software programs are the choices to get our work done but many solutions often redirect you to their website to download videos which in turn requires java run time environment which is not user friendly solution.

Among the number of possible download options firefox has many options but at the same time google chrome has its options too,

Softwares :

Internet Downlaod Manager
Real Player
Cache Viewer

Extensions for Firefox
Video Download Helper
Flash Video Downloader – Youtube Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader
( Applicable for both Chrome and Firefox )

These are only the few among the list of available options , you can find many different options when you google for downloading facebook videos.

Internet Download manager
Internet download manager is one of the best possible options to download any video from internet but as it is not a freeware you should pay for it or else you can use cracks at your own risks but here are the download links for the download manager.

Direct Download from Official Website
Torrent from piratebay

Once you installed this software as per instructions you can find download option at every video you are watching for example
Here is a sample of firefox videos for youtube and facebook.

downlaod facebook and youtube videos

downlaod facebook and youtube videos

Here it looks like this in chrome

downlaod facebook and youtube videos

In that way you can download using Internet download manager and is one of the easiest way but is not a free ware.
Real player also provides such feature you can try it out.

Video Download helper
video download helper
Video Download helper is an addon for firefox you can download it from here . This addon turns into colored when it encounters a video in the page and you can download it by clicking on download option.

You can download a video by pressing the colored icon at address bar.
video download helper

Same is the case for other flash video downloader
Facebook video downloader userscript

Download and install greasemonkey if you are using firefox and if you are using chrome there is no need to install grease monkey as it supports scripts by default and install the following script

This will provide an option to download facebook video when you open the video link at the location where user shared it.