How to download multiple photos from facebook ?

Do you want to download photos from Facebook albums , If you are naive user you might open each photograph and download them individually but here is the tip to download multiple photos using this application.

Procedure :

Download and install FBDOWNLOADER SOFTWARE

fbdownloader setup

FBDownloader is a free Facebook photo album download software which can download all your Facebook photos from different albums and can also download photos from your friends albums. It can also download the photos where you are tagged. Fbdownloader can be installed on your pc and then you can link your facebook account with fbdownloader software to download your photo albums of facebook. Fbdownloader GUI is very easy to understand and a naive one can also use this software to download photo’s from facebook.

When you run the application , it starts with the screen where it prompts for “What do you want to Download”.


You have 3 options here
Your Tagged Photos: Choosing this option will download all the photos from Facebook where you’ve been tagged. Before downloading all the photo’s you can choose a location on your pc where the photos should be saved.

All your Photo Albums: choosing this option shows all the photo albums that you have in your facebook account and it also shows the number of photographs tha each album contains in it. You have option to download each single album clicking on that will download all the photos in that album.
Your friends’ photos: If you select this option it will download all the photos of your Facebook friends.

FBDownloader is a very good application that helps you to download all the photos in a particular album.

Download FbDownloader free.

FBDOWNLOADER setup requires dot net framework 4.0 or higher. If you dont have dot net framework 4.0 then you can download it from HERE


PICK&ZIPThis is a web based download technique for downloading photographs. Here is the step by stepwise information of how to use PICK&ZIP.

Go to PICK&ZIP and login into your account by clicking on “Login with Facebook”


Then it Prompts for permission you should accept it by clicking on yes to use picknzip photo downloader


Web User interface of PICKnZIP will provide you with different options like


Friends: This option provides you with all the friends list you have in your account and you can chose any of your friends to see the photos in which your friend was tagged by clicking on “TAGGED” option and you can see the albums that your friend has uploaded with the number of pictures containing in it. You are the one to chose either individual photos or multiple photos from different albums. You can see the photos of album in selected album and final selected photos in “MY SELECTION”.

Groups: This option provides the photographs that are posted in a particular group and your selected photos will be added to “MY SELECTION”.

Pages: This selection will provide the photographs that are in a particular page and your selected photos will be added to “MY SELECTION”.

Once you are done with selection you can download all of your selected photos by clicking on download option and you can download them in PDF or ZIP format depending on your choice.


There are also other ways to download photographs from facebook like using FBDOWNLOADER or FotoBounce or PhotoGrabber or by using addons for mozilla like FacePad

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