How to use your Personal Computer to Set an Alarm ?

At various occasions you might have felt that it would be good if your PC can remind you of things that you need to do.
I felt many times that

  • What if my PC can wake me up early in the morning ?
  • What if my PC can download the news and read it for me ?

imagining all the things that Robert Downey Jr does in Iron Man. Here in this post let us take a look how we can make our PC remind us of the things by setting an Alarm.

Method 1: Using “Task Scheduler”

Every Windows Operating System has a built in component called “Task Scheduler” which provides the ability to schedule the launch of programs or scripts.

In this example of setting up an Alarm (nothing but Playing a Song), We are going to use Task Scheduler to schedule the play of an Alarm Sound.


1) Open run box and hit enter after typing “taskschd.msc”.

Task Scheduler Run Command

2) This will bring up the “Task Scheduler” window. On right side of the window under Actions frame you will see an option to create a task. Click on “Create a Task” option.

Task Scheduler

3) Now you can see the various options to “C reate a Task”. Scheduling is controlled inthe tab “Triggers” and What has to be done at the scheduled time is controlled by “Actions” tab. First is first, Give your task a Name and Description in the General Tab.

General Tab Task Scheduler

4)¬† Now proceed to “Triggers” tab and click on “New” to schedule when the Alarm¬†should trigger. For this example I have used an option to trigger daily in the morning at 06.00 AM.


5) Now proceed to the “Actions” tab to select what sound file it needs to play. Once you click on “New” it will bring up the “Action” window after which you need to select a particular sound file by using “Browse” option at “Program/Script”.

Actions Tab Task Scheduler

Once you are done with this setup you can save everything by hitting “OK” on each window and wait for the Task Scheduler to raise an Alarm. Additionally, You can select “Wake the computer to run this task” option in Conditions tab to automatically turn on the PC from Sleep mode to play the Alarm.


Method 2 : Using a Third Party Applications

There are many third applications that can assist you with this requirement. For this post, I am using an application by which I came across lately. It is a simple to use application and runs without installation. Download the application from and run the application and follow the steps below.

Shutdown7Hope you found this useful, If you have any queries or feedback please leave it in comment section below.

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