Beam Fiber Automatic Login Script

Beam Fiber also known as Beam Telecom is one of the leading Internet Service Provider in Southern Indian cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. In this post we are going to learn about a Grease Monkey script which will help you to automatically log into the Beam Fiber internet connection.

Despite the fact that Beam offers high speed reliable internet connection, I got frustrated by the reason that it automatically logs me out of the network. It happens so randomly when I am busy giving an exam or when watching an online video. I, then have decided to find a way to fix this issue and the result is this post on Technophileshub.

Now getting into technical details, Beam web-based login uses javascript to process your login credentials. At this point of time, I got the idea of using Greasemonkey to help me get out of the issue. For those who don’t know about Grease Monkey, it is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows users to install the scripts which can make changes to a web page.

Below is the script which will run as soon as your beam login page gets opened. This script checks your login status by getting the CSS property of login bar and reloads for every 5 seconds in the browser window. Whenever you are logged out of the internet, In the next reload this script identifies that you have been logged out and calls the login script by providing your credentials.

Step by Step

  1. Install the Greasemonkey Addon from Mozilla Addons
  2. Open your Firefox browser and click on Tools Menu ( ALT + T ) and goto Greasemonkey -> New User Script.

  3. Greasemonkey NewScript

  4. It will open up the new script window where you need to provide the details for the script. Please fill the details as shown in the below image.
  5. Beam Script Details

  6. Copy the above script after replacing the username and password fields with your beam username and password and paste it from line 9 and then save the script.

  7. Script Code

  8. Now you are done. Please note that you have to keep this window open to let the script do its job.

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  1. Jitendra Malakalapalli says

    nice man….gud work……but since for every 5 minutes it reloads the URL I think it will keep the processor too busy….what do u say?

    and one more thing u r using the “Login” method in the script…so where exactly this method is defined?

  2. says

    No Jitendra, It won’t keep the processor busy. Now this script is reloading my login page for every 5 seconds. It’s just like you reloading any page for every 5 seconds and I see everything being normal. Script uses the Beam Login method definition, that’s the reason you won’t find it in the script.

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