How to install wordpress on your local system ? (Windows)

wordpress logoIf you are searching for how you can install wordpress on your local windows operating system then this post might address your requirement. Here in this post I am going to discuss about how you can install wordpress on your windows operating system and going on you can understand how useful it will be if you maintain a local copy of your blog in your system and going on we will integrate our local wordpress installation with Adobe Dream weaver so that we can customize with the help of advanced tools in dream weaver.

To use wordpress in your PC you need

  • One server to carry out requests and responses,
  • One database server and
  • PHP engine to process your PHP pages.

Each of these individual softwares are packed and provided in a single package by the name

You can install either of these software’s to proceed and install wordpress on your local system. XAMPP is available for all platforms including MAC and SOLARIS , While WAMP is specific to Windows and LAMP is specific to Linux.

Install any One of the Packages mentioned above by Just following the links which takes you to the download page of that particular package and follow the instructions given there to install that particular software on your local computer.

Once you are done installing any one of the software , You have to identify the document Root. In Simple terms , When you open http://localhost/ it will point to some location in your  system which is called Document Root.


These are the Document Roots for the respective Software Packages,  Now download the wordpress from WordPress.ORG

Download the ZIP file of wordpress and extract it and place it Document Root ,  Here you can put the files under document root in two ways , either by placing the contents of wordpress folder directly under document root or you can create a folder with name of your choice and place the contents of wordpress file under it.

This creates different URL structures to access your wordpress installation. If you place files directly under document root , you can access them directly by going to http://localhost/ , or if you create some folder <<XYZ>> then you have to access your wordpress installation by typing http://localhost/xyz/ .

I prefer to create one folder under Document Root with name of your website.

To install wordpress you have to specify some configuration details like ,

  • Name of the database that wordpress should use.
  • Credentials of MY SQL Server
  • Host on which Server is running.

So, Initially we have to mention which database that wordpress should use. So , We should first create a database. To do this we have one simple default interface by PHP My Admin which will be along with this set up in windows or else install it. If you know how to use sql just log into sql shell and create a new database and this is the way we can do it in phpmyadmin.

Log into PHPMyAdmin by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and goto databases and type the name of the database and click on create button to create a new database.

create database

Then Proceed to installing wordpress by going to http://localhost/[FOLDER IF ANY/] and it asks you to create configuration file.

create configuration file

Next step is to enter the configuration details and type the configuration details as shown below .

Configuration Details

Once if you are allowed to go further then it will ask for your blog details and enter the details to proceed or If it generates an error you should check your installation and enter the proper configuration details.

That is it , You are done installing WordPress on your local system.