How to get an sms alert to mobile if you receive an EMail ?

If you would like to know as soon as a mail is received to your gmail account or if you don’t have internet at your home but want to know if any important mails received to your account, then SMS Alert to your mobile phone is one of the possible ways to get notified.

I personally used Way2SMS Gateway to receive SMS alerts to my mobile, Please go ahead and create an account in Way2sms, Since this is SMS based service it asks you to verify your mobile by entering the code that it have sent to you by an SMS. Once you are done with creating your account.

Click on MAIL ALERTS as shown in the highlighted image below.

Email Alerts


There will be an email address in this page to which you have to forward a copy of your email from your gmail ,If you wonder how to forward a copy of email there is already an explanation provided by way2sms and I have discussed it in this article mean while you just copy the mail address from this page and activate the service if its deactivated, Following screen shot shows the highlighted email address which you need to copy.

EMail Alerts1

Now login to your gmail account and go to settings page by clicking on the settings available at the right corner of your gmail page.
Gmail settings
Once settings page is opened go to Forwarding POP/IMAP label settings page and configure the email address you have received from way2sms , so that a copy of email will be forwarded to way2sms.
Email forward settings

Remember to keep the copy of gmail email in inbox, once you are done click on save. There you go , you will receive an sms as soon as you receive an email to your gmail inbox.
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  1. says

    Way2SMS seems to be working no more in terms of email alerts on mobile. I tried it number of times and many numbers and it didn’t work. It anyways doesn’t work for DND numbers.

    I found a site called which seems to be working for me. It works for DND numbers as well and it works really fast. But it isn’t free of cost. But its worth as the price is kinda cheap.