How to create custom tiles on windows8 start screen ?

If you want to customize the tiles on start screen of your windows8 , There are very few options available for customization using built-in features. When I was browsing I came across a post in, the post was about Obly Tile, a handy tool to customize the start screen and its tiles on windows8. Previously there was one app in windows store called Custom Tiles Maker , which was one useful tool to customize the start screen and create tiles of an image but it does not have an action item attached to the tiles and is merely a designing tool for start screen.

Obly Tile :

Obly Tile

Here is how the program works, download the software from here and start the program. It is a simple executable file and needs no installation and immediately shows up the above screen where you need to enter following details

Tile Name :  Give your Tile a name. You can hide Tile name but you have to give a name.
Program Path: This is the action item of the Tile, Either launching an EXE File, Opening some file on your PC or Launching a website.
Program Arguments:  This is an optional parameter but you can pass the arguments to the program you are calling.
Tile Image : A 120×120 pixel image for your tile.
Tile Small Image : A 30×30 pixel image for your tile.
Tile Background Color: This is the background color for your tile.

Related Video :

Make sure that you are using right dimension images as input to this program. You can create your own tile images using programs like photoshop or Gimp and if you are not familiar with these programs you can search for a tile image in google images and then you can crop or resize to create a tile image with right dimensions. This particular tile creation creates a drectory at C:\Program Files\OblyTile\ , Which stores the Images used to create the Tiles.

Finally If you want to delete a Tile, Just right click on the Tile  and select “Remove From Start” on the left bottom side to remove Tile.

Hope you liked it and have a try on it.